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End of free tracking: good news for the ecosystem?

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For clients and partners alike, it’s a cold shower: recent developments in Google tools (Analytics, Looker Studio, Tag Manager) lead to paying for what was previously free. Bad news? Not so sure…   A picture that you can only really understand if you take three steps back. This is the experience of many analytics managers […]

Checklist 2022 – Improve your tracking before Black Friday

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  Like every year, Black Friday promises to attract a lot of people, which should generate a large amount of data to be processed by data teams. Make sure your tracking is ready for this event by reading our best practices.     Did you like this checklist and want to know more about your […]

Check list Sales

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Discover our checklist to improve your tracking and make your Sales a success! Download it!

How can deduplication drive your objectives?

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Associating a conversion with a single channel or partner is the main aim with deduplication. This process is firmly entrenched in today’s work practices and is mostly used with last-click attribution models. But as time goes by, this process is increasingly colliding with the reality of the customer journey. Read on for an explanation…   […]

Retail and omnichannel: what can the health crisis teach us

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Retailers have learned so many lessons from the lockdown that there is talk of pre- and post-lockdown omnichannel strategies. One thing is for sure, CDP platforms are a must for rolling out a truly user-centric omnichannel strategy, and the partnership between Commanders Act and Criteo proves it. A learning accelerator… such is the role that […]

Check List Black Friday

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Discover our checklist to improve your tracking and make your Black Friday a success! Download it!

Attribution: the new challenge in the post-cookie age

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The heralded end of cookies has done nothing to simplify the process of measuring attribution. On the contrary, it is looking even harder to piece the customer journey together. Now is the ideal opportunity to review the methods and raise questions about the purpose of attribution. Puzzle pieces scattered across the marketing table. A 10-year […]

The true and false about attribution

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Do you really know the attribution? Let’s check with these four questions. Is the Last click dead? True and false! Although experts have announced the death of the last click for several years now, it is still the most widely used attribution model (by almost one in two advertisers). However, it is destined to be […]

5 tips and tricks for your path towards attribute-supported optimisation of the customer journey

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1) Determine your objectives and start off with simple models: What do you want to achieve with attribution? Are you focusing on budget allocation, reassessment of partners/campaigns, or options for automation (keyword: bid management)? Learn how to understand data, correlations, and processes within your company—and within your advertising partners and agencies. Classify your campaigns (branding, […]

What’s more important: The money you have or the money you earn?

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Generally speaking, teams are rather excited when they start trying out machine learning, AI, predictive analytics and algorithms that have the potential to boost their work performance. However, the feedback in the press frequently overestimates the results achieved and gives the impression that soon everything will be done by a machine. Unfortunately, marketers who have […]

Attribution: why does the last click model endure

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Despite the customer journey becoming ever-more difficult to follow, due in no small part to our omni-channel world, attribution models remain largely focused on the last click. And this is not for purely technological reasons… It’s a paradox: while digital advertising seems to be an avid consumer of technological innovation, with programmatic advertising and DCO […]

Attribution: why is the Last Click model bound to disappear?

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Attribution models are no longer limited to Last Click and First Click, since an increasing number of advertisers have started to create their own. In recent years, we have read articles dealing with the possible end of the Last Click era. However, it continues to be the most popular attribution model among advertisers. But why […]

Disneyland Paris

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Jean-Baptiste Prévost of Disneyland Paris talks about how tag management and marketing attribution is enabling it to improve marketing agility, optimize affiliate traffic, and improve booking conversions.


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Alexandrine Loubradou of Venca discusses the power of custom cross-channel attribution models in optimising its acquisition spend.
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