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The French Army 2023

The French Army entrusts the migration of its data infrastructure to Server-Side to Dentsu Public and Commanders Act.

As part of a global third-party cookieless strategy, the French Army chose Dentsu Public and Commanders Act to collect data from TikTok, Snapchat and Meta as part of its recruitment campaign.

Case Study - Floa Bank|


Within the space of just a few years, FLOA Bank (previously known as Banque Casino) has carved its status as a leading player in the payment facilities market. With over three million customers, FLOA Bank stands out from the competition with its innovative solutions that fully embrace today’s digital technologies,

Instant small loans, fractionated payments, cashback credit cards… over the years, FLOA Bank has stepped up its range of banking solutions. The aim with each launch is to improve its conversion funnels. FLOA Bank, the leader in payment facilities, is using Commanders Act to achieve this particular challenge.

Case Study - Moniwan


Moniwan, part of La Française Group, mainly owned by Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, has chosen the property sector, and in particular the SCPI market, as its playground.

Optimise all the touchpoints that punctate the average 30-day subscription cycle by implementing a Customer Data Platform. That was the target Moniwan – a benchmark property investment firm – set for themselves. And met.



Armée de Terre

With thousands of new recruits drafted in every year to fill one of the many roles available, the French Army is counting on the Commanders Act CDP (Customer Data Platform) to segment its audiences and improve its activations.



Avec Commanders Act


Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe is a leading bancassurance provider with operations across northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg. CMNE has developed a network of 527 sales offices and delivers services to 1.7 million customers.

In 2016, CMNE noticed that only 21% of its customers visited an agency, whereas 97% of its web traffic was concentrated on users viewing their accounts.

How can you encourage customers to visit or return to their local agency? To answer this question, the CMNE Group has decided to capitalise on its data by implementing a CDP (Customer Data Platform).



Sorgenia profite des opportunités numériques pour personnaliser son offre et améliorer son service client


Sorgenia is an Italian energy supplier who took advantage of the Commanders Act platform to customize its offer and improve its customer service

The company has identified three main challenges:

    • Taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital technology to help transition towards a free energy market;
    • Attracting new clients;
    • Setting up a comprehensive support service that covers the entire customer journey.




Case Study - Promod|


Promod is a French womenswear brand that runs 11 e-commerce sites in Europe, in addition to a worldwide network of stores, including 350 in France.

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Case Study - K&L Ruppert|Easier tag management and more powerful conversion deduplication for K&L Ruppert

K&L Ruppert

Leading German multichannel fashion retailer streamlines its conversion deduplicaton processes for improved efficiency, customer insight and sharpened marketing spend.

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Case Study Engie - Commanders Act||ENGIE drives digital performance with tag management


When redesigning its consumer website, ENGIE opted for a tag management system to reduce tagging costs, ensure data relevance, and boost customer acquisition performance.

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Case Study - Venca|||Lagardère Active centralises data analytics|Venca revolutionizes its digital marketing budgets with TagCommander (TMS)|Yellow Pages collects and leverages data more effectively|||Venca revolutionizes its digital marketing budgets with TagCommander (TMS)


The Iberian distance selling leader uses Commanders Act to improve customer journeys, experiment with conversion tactics, and optimise acquisition spend.

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