Armée de Terre

With thousands of new recruits drafted in every year to fill one of the many roles available, the French Army is counting on the Commanders Act CDP (Customer … Continued

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe is a leading bancassurance provider with operations across northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg. CMNE has developed a network of 527 sales offices and delivers … Continued


Promod is a French women’s fashion brand that manages 11 e-commerce sites and 652 stores in 29 countries. The brand is intimately involved in omnichannel marketing every day, and its main challenge is … Continued


Sorgenia is an Italian energy supplier who took advantage of the Commanders Act platform to customize its offer and improve its customer service The company has identified three … Continued


Promod is a French womenswear brand that runs 11 e-commerce sites in Europe, in addition to a worldwide network of stores, including 350 in France.

K&L Ruppert

Leading German multichannel fashion retailer streamlines its conversion deduplicaton processes for improved efficiency, customer insight and sharpened marketing spend.

La Redoute

The fashion and homeware e-commerce leader accelerates page load times by 20% to top the ranking of fastest e-commerce sites.


The banking federation unifies and activates its digital data to enable more effective customer journeys.


Pixartprinting taps its data to optimise customer journeys at scale.

Nestlé Suisse

Nestlé Suisse takes ownership of its customer data to boost conversion with Commanders Act.