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“We are caught in no man’s land with lots of uncertainty”

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Romain Lhote, Digital Marketing Manager, L’Equipe

Managing consent in the GDPR era: a revolution or evolution?

The GDPR is clearly part of a regulatory evolution, announced well in advance, which gave us the time to study the various technological possibilities. The problem is that we are still caught in no man’s land with lots of uncertainty . Because another regulation, ePrivacy, is in the pipeline. And, also, because IAB’s framework doesn’t seem to be fully suited to non-advertising practices for the time being. A telling example: how to interpret IAB’s “purposes” within the scope of the GDPR? The answer doesn’t appear straightforward…

How can we sum up the operational challenge(s) that the GDPR presents? What are your main preoccupations in these circumstances?

The challenge is rather simple to sum up — how to obtain compliant consent while minimising revenue loss — but the work it entails is certainly not. Given the number of tags that a news publisher like us uses, a TMS (Tag Management System) is the only viable solution.

What is your view on the solution offered by Commanders Act?

Since we have only just adopted the TMS, we don’t have much experience. Nevertheless, it is already clear that having a single solution that functions as both a TMS and CMP (Consent Management Platform) greatly simplifies governance and management on a day-to-day basis.

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