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Why we decided to redesign TrustCommander’s Consent Analytics Dashboard, 2 years after the GDPR?

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The market needed statistics but the maturity was missing. We wanted to simplify and adopt a more ‘business-like’ approach in the selection and presentation of the main metrics in TrustCommander.

And then the latest directives from the France’s data protection authority (CNIL), made certain metrics obsolete or less important. Measuring implicit consent no longer makes sense as it is not compliant in France. We have therefore reprioritised some information and facilitated inter-CMP comparisons. This point is not the least important because nothing is more destabilising for an ecommerce manager to see behind the same label “consent rate” 2 things as different as the consent rate in the sense of the Commanders Act and the opt-in share. By explaining these differences, we allow everyone to compare themselves and to progress.

The last important challenge was to make this reality of “consent” understandable to everyone. Indeed, the youth of this field of consent means that there are still few consent specialists, and the teams we work with are often multidisciplinary, mixing web analysts, activation specialists, lawyers, DPOs, etc., each with their own vocabulary and representation of things. We therefore had to avoid any jargon that would make understanding even more complex. We chose a simple common theme, for example:

  • How do users interact with the CMP?
  • How do they interact with the preference centre?

Associated with this “Consent Analytics” redesign, we have taken advantage of it to allow programmable exports as well as a GET statistics API allowing teams to retrieve these statistics to feed data visualisation environments (Power BI, Tableau Software, Qlik Sense, Google Data Studio, etc.).

Finally, real-time enrichment is also possible via an API that can be used to feed an exempt analytics solution in real time.

The value of the consent will provide a trigger for the web analytics publisher to lead the processing of the data collected either to its standard solution or to its CNIL exempted solution. We have done it with AT Internet clients who now offer an exempted solution and we have implemented it with Google Analytics clients who have chosen to continue to trigger it without consent (which as of 8 July has not yet been validated by the CNIL).

In which direction will the subject of “Consent Analytics” evolve?

We see developments in certain dimensions. In order to make progress in understanding what makes consent rates change, we need to monitor the variations of the different indicators, to be able to place it into context and to segment it further.

This will be followed by :

  • More possibility to segment the dashboards according to criteria such as the browser, the screen size, the traffic source,… So many dimensions that can help to understand the value of these metrics more finely;
  • The addition of graphs to help read and understand trends;
  • Reports dedicated to the analysis of AB tests rather than reading the test results in Excel?

TrustCommander allows you to have the same Dashboard for applications and for the web with an API based implementation.

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