White Paper Data Governance - Why is Data Governance so strategic in 2023 and how can a CDP support your program?


GDPR: the right cookie governance policy involves keeping your tags under control

Protecting the personal data stored by cookies inevitably involves setting up best practices for how those data are collected. If there were any reason for a CDO or digital marketing manager to take another look at tag management from a more strategic angle, then the GDPR could very well be the ideal opportunity to do […]

The true and false about attribution

Do you really know the attribution? Let’s check with these four questions. Is the Last click dead? True and false! Although experts have announced the death of the last click for several years now, it is still the most widely used attribution model (by almost one in two advertisers). However, it is destined to be […]

Digital marketing in the age of GDPR and ePrivacy

The latest court ruling issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on 1 October 2019 is loud and clear. It stipulates that an active, explicit and informed opt-in is required before setting cookies or collecting other personal data. Tacit consent is no longer valid. This means that the popular phrase “If […]

Commanders Act continues to grow in the Customer Data Platform market

With its 10th year in business just around the corner, Commanders Act is confirming its expertise and maturity in data and consent collection in a rapidly evolving market. Paris, 6 February 2020 – For Commanders Act, the European leader in the SaaS-based CDP (Customer Data Platform), a highlight of 2019 will have been its sustained […]

What strategies are available to improve the opt-in rate?

The consent issue will long be a fixture on the to-do list for marketing directors. What is the course of action? Although some professionals are tempted to use tactics to bypass the issue, others are taking a more strategic approach. On the ground level The short-term reflex: the temptation to circumvent Although the opt-in is […]

Why is consent becoming a marketing issue?

Regulations spawning left, right and centre GDPR: welcome to season 2 Some people might have believed that the whole GDPR topic (General Data Protection Regulation) was already yesterday’s news, that the GDPR had had its 15 minutes of glory before being consigned to the archives. Rightly so: organisations based within the European Union (EU) – […]

How Google is planning to phase out third-party cookies

It was becoming somewhat of a recurring question in recent months: was Google going to follow Apple’s example with ITP by waging war on cookies? The answer came at the beginning of the year. By unveiling its Privacy Sandbox as an alternative to third-party cookies, Google is taking the adtech industry in a new direction. […]

White Paper – Consent Management

Personal data management is receiving special treatment across the world, whether Europe, North America or Asia. Europe is one of the movement’s forerunners after enacting the GDPR and requiring data controllers and processors to obtain consent before they can collect and use personal information. We may only be in the teething stages, but make no […]

Interview with Dr. Jana Moser: Digital Marketing in the Age of GDPR and ePrivacy

Since 25 May 2018, the basic data protection regulation (GDPR) has been applied in the European Union in order to set limits to uncontrolled data collection. With the e-Privacy Regulation, the European digital economy now faces new challenges. The latest court ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) of 1 October 2019 confirms what […]

Customer Data Platform: five key benefits

What can you expect from a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? What role does it play alongside existing solutions (CRM, marketing automation, etc.)? How can it help address the major challenges inherent in omnichannel marketing, people-based marketing and first-party data? Read on for the answers.

5 tips and tricks for your path towards attribute-supported optimisation of the customer journey

1) Determine your objectives and start off with simple models: What do you want to achieve with attribution? Are you focusing on budget allocation, reassessment of partners/campaigns, or options for automation (keyword: bid management)? Learn how to understand data, correlations, and processes within your company—and within your advertising partners and agencies. Classify your campaigns (branding, […]

Is a CDP made for you?

Is a CDP suited to your needs? Will the global investment – not only financial, but also the time and energy you will put in – be worth it? Here are a few questions to help you decide. Are you looking to leverage your first-party data? This is the CDP’s primary vocation: to help improve […]

Case Study Sorgenia

Sorgenia is an Italian energy supplier who took advantage of the Commanders Act platform to customize its offer and improve its customer service. The company has identified three main challenges: Taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital technology to help transition towards a free energy market; Attracting new clients; Setting up a comprehensive […]

TrustCommander: a solution to GDPR’s legal, technological and marketing challenges

With the announced tightening of the GDPR in France and the emergence of similar initiatives overseas, Commanders Act offers a consent management solution that is safe, customisable and scalable. Thanks to the development of this personal data protection application, launched in 2012 and natively integrated in the Commanders Act Platform, marketers can further advance towards […]

Where does the CDP fit into the marketing stack?

Barely have we finished underlining the complexity of this Martech stack, and we are already talking about adding another solution to the pile in the form of the CDP. Ironic? It is if you consider the CDP as just another solution. But much less so if we consider how a CDP amplifies the value of […]

Are cookies soon to be a thing of the past? Not if Commanders Act has anything to say about it with its two solutions.

The phenomenon of cookies disappearing from websites is a long story that started when tracking made its appearance, without forgetting browsers, add-ons, antiviruses and PC cleaner software giving users chance to delete or block cookies. But with the advent of the GDPR and a host of complaints flooding in from web users, CNIL (France’s data […]

How do you tackle ITP? Commanders Act has the answer

ITP, or Intelligent Tracking Prevention, is a feature that Apple has added to its Safari browser to protect web users’ personal data from being misused. This development has major repercussions for marketers and analysts. Several years ago, web users decided to take back control of the data that they deliberately or inadvertently left behind when […]

The 5 quests of a modern marketer

A lot of things have changed for marketing teams in the space of just three years. The digital world is clearly no longer seen as an isolated island, and mastering the various channels and solutions requires increasingly specialised expertise. Perceptions of GAFA have also evolved. The general public now harbours a feeling of mistrust, while […]
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