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At Commanders Act, the new version of GA4 is already available!

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For those of you who have already deployed Google Analytics 4 through TagCommander, this post won’t teach you anything new since you already know that you don’t need to use GTM to run GA4!

For those who are thinking about migrating to GA4, good news: the GA4 template is already available in the TagCommander library. This template has been validated by Google Analytics experts in order to guarantee you the best deployment comfort. And you can gradually get used to it through the breakdown that has been made.

The relationship between Commanders Act and Google solutions is not new. It is as important for Google as it is for us, as many of Google’s solutions are deployed by our clients through TagCommander. In the same way, users of our data activation platform can share their audiences with Google’s DSP for example.

The challenge for Google is simple: to ensure that its solutions can be deployed quickly and reliably. The challenge for Commanders Act is to enable our clients to access all the solutions on the market without exception.

The launch of GA4 is a milestone in the history of web analytics, marking a long-awaited change for analytics enthusiasts and GA users. Many blogs are already talking about it and you will hear more and more about it in the coming months.

Amongst the new features, we should first note a smaller sample which aims to fill one of the main limitations of GA to date, not necessarily for analytical uses but in the context of uses more oriented towards “customer experience” and “activation”. At the same time, the first uses of Machine Learning in the world of web analytics are joining the value proposition of GA4, as it will be the case in many solutions in the future. In the end, we are not very far from the philosophy of Google Consent Mode.

Another important element, a small revolution in the world of web analytics, is that the page is no longer the basic unit! The event has made its appearance for a more precise reading of the interaction with a page with the possibility of defining any event as a conversion.

Finally, as you have seen, the digital data collection market is in turmoil. Consent is now part of the marketing landscape, the cookie battle is raging, and there is an opportunity to converge web collection methods with those of the mobile app world. Customer interaction channels are becoming a long continuum of visitor reception and therefore require homogeneous collection methods.

Finally, for those who fell into the pot at a very young age, the link with Big Query is amplified, underlining Google’s objective to structure and explore your data.

These are just four small highlights, but they point to a few things that need to be done. Some of these changes are not for certain web analytics solutions on the market but GA4 offers these possibilities to the greatest number, which is the reason for its success.

To conclude, we would like to remind our customers :

  • …that many of you use TagCommander and Google solutions together.
  • …that GA4 is fully compatible with TagCommander for both your web and mobile App properties.
  • …that you don’t need to change your TagCommander tagging plan to take advantage of GA4’s advances
  • …that our support is there to help you in this implementation and to answer your questions.


The Commanders Act team

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