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Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe: 10 use cases for better data usage

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Data collection is key in any digital marketing strategy. Even though data quality and exploitation are paramount, the volume of collected information plays also a central part in strategies whose goal is to provide visitors with an increasingly customized and relevant experience. As we will prove through Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe’s use case, improving marketing’s relevance has a direct impact on performance and ROI.

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE) is an independent federation of Crédit Mutuel that manages the 7 departments located in the North of Paris but also in Belgium and Luxembourg. It is a conventional retail bank comprised of 557 points of sale. The entire banking sector is affected by a decrease in agency frequentation rates (around 18%), which prevents bank advisors to know their customers and more specifically their major projects. But the sector also benefits from a great deal of natural visits online, equally distributed between mobile and desktop.

Rémi Deltombe, Digital Project Manager at CMNE, presented during the latest One to One event in Monaco, 10 use cases that have been implemented to better exploit data and compensate for the decrease in agency attendance. For each of the use cases mentioned, CMNE exploits all  navigation  and customer data recovered from the IS.

1 / Site Customization

The first step is to identify a client’s interests through their navigation data (articles or guides browsed) or queries typed in the search engine. Depending on their interests (car loans, mortgages, etc.), the visitor is automatically integrated into a segment which is connected to  the CMS. The CMS will therefore be able to offer personalized content in real time. Results are excellent: click-through rates are multiplied by 13 compared to ordinary campaigns and conversion rates (confirmation forms) are multiplied by six.

2 / Trigger Emails

For instance, when a visitor shows pronounced interest for a product and  abandons an enquiry form   they are automatically solicited again via trigger emails. On these emails, opening rates  are of 66%, click-through rates of  14% and commercial performance increases threefold compared to conventional emails.

3 / Call-center Activation

When a visitor shows a strong interest in a product and abandons the conversion process, the lead is automatically transferred to the call-center. On the test carried out in 2015 on real estate tax exemption products, 1,000 people who expressed a deep interest and had abandoned their forms were identified. Following the call-center activation on these leads, the appointment rate reached 21% and sales rates were notably high.

4 / Live-chat

Some segments have been defined in a way that lets the website launch a live-chat solution the moment a visitor is identified as belonging to one of the segments, allowing them to discuss with an advisor any of the topics they showed interest for in their browsing behavior.

5 / A/B Testing

CMNE practices runs A/B tests in a segmented manner on its website. . Customized content and advice on highlyinteresting topics is made available to people belonging to the=at segment.

6 / Anti-churn

Navigation data makes it possible to easily identify customers who are about to switch providers. . They usually visit pages containing information  about contract termination once or multiple times, or they type queries such as “close”, “terminate” in the website’s search engine. These contacts are sent to the customer complaint department  in a bid to prevent them from closing their accounts. In six months, CMNE identified 2,000 clients in this particular case.

7 / Improving Customer Knowledge

CMNE also analyzes data from customers who have converted, including their profiles and other products they have subscribed to; they do this to  improve the relevance of messages sent to people exhibiting the same characteristics.

8 / Refining Targeting

Some campaigns are addressed to broad targets. When the communication channel happens to be premium, it is sometimes not possible, to maintain a broad target, budget-wise. CMNE therefore exploits its DMP to identify individuals who have a strong interest in the highlighted product and narrow the targeted audience from one million customers to 50,000; targeting is refined and includes only audiences with a strong interest for the product.

9 / Optimizing Media Budgets

Data is used to allow CMNE optimize media investment. For instance, campaigns are no longer sent to people who have already subscribed to the product or who have  high-risk credit scores  preventing them from subscribing to it. . This strategy allowed savings on media buys for 15 to 20%.

10 / Bettering Attribution Calculation

All data collected by CMNE allows them to better calculate – according to the interest shown by a given customer on the Website – the extent to which the web channel contributed to sales and the corresponding attribution it is owed.

This attribution rate can vary from 10% to 100%.

In sum, Rémi Deltombe specified that this list was not exhaustive and that the number of use cases for a DMP depended primarily on creativity, and not on technology limitations.

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