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How to do an AB Test with the Consent Management Platform (CMP) TrustCommander ?

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Why is it important to do AB tests with your CMP ?

The whole subject of consent, which is sometimes delegated to the legal department, is definitely on its way to becoming a marketing issue. Today’s marketing professionals need to do more than just obtain consent. They also need to create scenarios, carry out A/B testing and measure performance. As such, the consent rate should be turned into a marketing metric in its own right and given the same level of efforts to improve performance. All the best practices that are used to raise the performance bar on the other marketing indicators – A/B testing, look & feel, UX, etc should be applied to consent in a bid to improve the opt-in rate, which is a fundamental part of current and future marketing strategies. Consent Management Platforms are definitely a marketing issue.

That is why we recommend you to implement AB tests with your privacy banners.

How many variations to test?

  • Real split test with 2 variations: 50 – 50
  • Low-risk split test: 90 – 10
  • Efficient n-test with 3 variations: 80 – 10 – 10

How long to test?

  • Low traffic websites: 2 weeks
  • Medium traffic websites (20+ millions pv / month): 1 week
  • High traffic websites (20+ millions pv / day): 2 days

How to do AB Tests with TrustCommander?

Follow step by step our recommandations.

Step 1: Design your CMP thanks to TrustCommander.

Step 2Create data storage.

Step 3: Add privacy constraints.

Step 4: Activate and Generate.

Step 5: QA and documents.

Step 6: Deploy and let it run.

Check out the the third edition of our Privacy Barometer here and discover which privacy banners are the most efficient.

About TrustCommander

TrustCommander is our Consent Management Platform. Thanks to a CMP, you can create a long-term consent scenario, personalise your banners, pop-ins and preference centre, analyse consent performance and align your banners with regulations. TrustCommander allows to natively test several consent collection messages.

  • Personnalisation: Create banners and preference centres that reflect your company!
  • Conformity: Banners compliant with the data protection authority, GDPR, CCPA, IABG.
  • Cookie categories: Categorise your cookies to simplify user preferences.
  • Evidence of consent: Retain and ensure traceability of all evidence of user consent.
  • Detailed reports: Assess your consent strategy by analysing the opt-in rates.
  • Compatibility: Combine TrustCommander with TagCommander and also with other TMS systems and your hard-coded and hybrid tags.

Do you want to know more about AB tests ? Check our Privacy Cookbook here.

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