What is a tag?

In order to explain what a tag is it would be suitable to approach other topics first, such as data collection on sites. Data collection is usually about … Continued

Benefits of using a good TMS

Benefits of using a tag management system are more than it may seem. A TMS will not only allow you to manage tags efficiently, it will also let … Continued

What is a DMP?

The ongoing digital transformation calls for major organizational changes within companies. Silo-management, which had been the norm until recently, is being challenged in favor of a user-centered global … Continued

What is Tag Management?

Tags are used to collect and distribute data to your web analytics tools, affiliation platforms and live chat solutions; they are also used in A/B testing, advertising, social … Continued

Using Data to Predict

By 2020 Big Data will consist of 40 zettaoctets of information (1021 octets), which is times 33 what it was in 2010, while research on the subject has … Continued