Month: September 2018

The importance of the data layer granularity within your TMS

Don't be fooled by the title of this post, which may seem a little too technical or even barbaric. The granularity of your data layer is the starting point for optimizing all of your digital campaigns and, more globally, your omnichannel strategy.

All this and I've never been told about it?

Yes, all that and that's why we want to expose you this strategic subject in a dedicated post, as it is so important in the current and future results of your acquisition campaigns and therefore in fine in the optimization of your advertising budgets.

Let's quickly go back to the notion of the data layer and its place in the infrastructure of your website's pages.
The data layer will be located just upstream of your TMS (Tag Management System or Tag Container) and will have the key role of feeding the latter with the right information, in the right order and at the right time. This sentence must certainly remind you of something related to your marketing and advertising strategy, right?

The role of a data layer is comparable to a library or a dictionary dedicated to all your digital marketing applications, communication and acquisition actions.


A well-constructed and well-ordered data layer will be able to provide the right information to your TMS, which will then be able to use it at the right time by triggering this or that tag, which allows you to either :
- exploit this information to optimize the results of one of your acquisition levers,
- share this information with one of your partners.

Let's now turn to the use-cases that will give you a business perspective on this important subject.

You are an advertiser, your product catalog is rich of several thousands of references and you are lucky enough to be able to inject data from your offline CRM into your digital campaigns. Now you want to optimize your acquisition campaigns more finely and thus avoid spending unnecessary budget and to do this you certainly think that you need a DMP?
Well, not quite! Thanks to the solution you already use as a TMS, namely Tag Commander, one of the leading solutions on the market, and which you have coupled with a comprehensive data layer, you can already implement and deliver a large part of these objectives.

Indeed, if your Data Layer integrates the notion of customer versus prospect (from your CRM) and if the entire conversion tunnel (category page, product, shopping cart, etc.) is well informed, it will be possible, for example, not to retarget an existing and loyal customer who has just put products in the shopping cart. The "existing customer + CRM segment" information associated with his position in the conversion tunnel (shopping cart) will be transmitted to the TMS Tag Commander, which will not trigger the tag of your retargeter and will therefore avoid all marketing expenses on this lever.

You are an editor of a travel site dealing with a large number of destinations around the world and you have also integrated a price comparator to your site (airline tickets, hotels etc...) in order to monetize this qualified audience.
The mix between the content on tourist destinations and the price comparator, gives you access to a large amount of data that you want to monetize to create an additional line of income.

And this is where the adage "Data begins at home" comes into play.

Indeed, the granularity of your data layer will have a key impact on your commercial offer. For example, if you have put all your "flight/ticket" data in the same variable (i.e., data layer information), you will be obliged to share all this data with your customer partners who wish to acquire it in order to exploit it.

On the other hand, if you have created variables by destination and the Mauritius tourist office wishes to target all the Internet users showing interest in this destination (via content consultation or even by making a request in the price comparison tool), it will be very easy for you to trigger the tourist office's tag only on this "Mauritius" audience.

So don't waste another minute to review and optimize your site's Data Layer and to equip yourself with a high-level TMS, such as CommandersAct's for example 😉

Michael Froment

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